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Firstly let us say, we do not charge on a monthly basis for any SEO services or any SEO consultancy we provide, despite the fact that many companies do. In our experience and thousands of hours of research, if Search Engine Optimisation is correctly applied during website construction then there is absolutley no need to pay ongoing fees If you are paying a monthly amount, what are you paying for? In our experience the principal of being an SEO expert is to give any customer the best advice that we can to get your business found online. This is a simple case of ensuring that a website is correctly optimised for search engines to understand what you want to appear in SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for. There is no exact science for this as no search engine provider gives a complete list of instructions to follow - we suspect that this is because, logically everyone would simply follow the instructions and the internet would become even more conjested than it is now with companies attempting to appear for search terms that they don't necessarily warrant to appear for. Our SEO services are based upon thousands of hours of our own research and proven results. Good SEO consultant's will tell you that this is not a measure to instant success, unfortunatley there are measures that search engines use that are simply out of our control, for example time. We can fully optimise a customers website, remove any conflicting instructions, give the site the structure that is required, however, search engines want to see that you are relevant so they will check all of their statistical data over a period of time before slowly rising a site up the rankings. As SEO experts we will provide a service to external websites base upon a number of factors - to enquire about our SEO services please contact us. Although we are SEO Experts in Cumbria, we cover every county in the UK so if you are in North Yorkshire, Lancashire or any other county or town like Carlisle, Kendal, Richmond, the internet is global and we can easily work remotely to provide you with the SEO services or advice that your business needs.

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    Thousands upon thousands of new websites are launched daily, all battling for a position in search engine results.
    It is a simple fact that the internet is clogged up! So we need to provide solutions using inovative techniques and a logical approach to gaining business exposure.
    Neil Seaton
    Logical SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) For Your Business. We Cover All Areas In The UK, Every County Such As Cumbria, North Yorkshire And Every Town From Carlisle To Richmond, Lands End To John O'Groats! If Your Business Needs A Driving Force In S.E.O., Contact Dot Website Group - Logical SEO Experts
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