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Have You Ever Thought What If?

  • With E-Commerce Being An Essential Part Of Business, Could It Not Be Made Easier?

  • What If.......

  • You Could Link To Manufacturers Products?
  • Your Suppliers Shared Their Products?
  • You Joined Forces With Other Businesses?
  • Your E-Commerce Store Received Support?
  • Your Products Could Be Found Nationwide?
  • The Questions Are Endless.....

  • Imagine The Capabilities Of One Central Website, Empowering Businesses To Think What If.....

    About ShopSmart Website ™

    When we began to design and build ShopSmart Website ™, we knew that we would need to create one of the most powerful e-commerce facilities available online. There are many options for businesses to sell online but picking the correct option for your business can be a daunting task! We understand that it is essential for businesses to be found online to generate customers. We understand that most individual e-commerce websites fail to appear highly in organic search engine results through no fault of their own. So, we tore up the rule book, looked at every situation and studied every single option to enable us to support and empower British retailers sell online. Adding an online shop for any business is easy for us to do but understanding what prevents a business selling online is imperative to an e-commerce facilities success. We understand the reasoning as to why most small businesses do not rank organically highly, we understand the time constraints and extra resources required by a business to maintain an online store, we understand the difficulties faced by almost every business to compete online. If we understand the reason as to why not, we have the capability to provide a solution. We are exceedingly proud to present to you our solution,
    The Ultimate Online E-Commerce Store - ShopSmart Website ™

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    Supporting British Businesses
  • Any Industry Sector, Any Location
  • Unrivalled Logical Supportive Solutions
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    A Nation Of Shopkeepers
  • From A Sole Trader To Corporation
  • Instant Online E-Commerce Store Available
  • Why Businesses Don't Appear Or Have E-Commerce

    To understand the solutions that ShopSmart Website ™ provides, firstly let us explain thousands of hours of research and development that we have completed to empower British businesses.

  • Only 10 Spaces On Page 1 Of Search Engine Results - Thousands Of Businesses Trying To Compete
  • Smaller Websites Can Not Compete - Read Our Articles On Boogled, Cramazoned And Autoyelling
  • Incorrect Robot Instructions - Understanding How Search Engines Work Is Critical To Being Found
  • Duplicated Content - With Products Having Similar Names You Can Unwittingly Hide Your Products
  • Unable To Reach New Customers - Search Engines Use Geo Location Data For Which Stores To Show
  • Not Enough Products Online - User Search Techniques Shows They Spend More Time On Big Sites
  • Time & Resources - Many Businesses Simply Do Not Have The Time To Maintain Online E-Commerce
  • Cost - Online Stores Were Traditionally Expensive To Build & Many Websites Don't Have Them
  • ROI - Would An E-Commerce Store Add Any Additional Revenue Streams To A Business
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    Search Results Are Clogged Up
  • Thousands Of Businesses Fail To Be Found
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    Understanding Search Engines
  • Businesses Can Be Affected In Multiple Ways
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    Incorrect Robot Instructions
  • Correct Structure Is Required To Appear
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    Product Volumes And Content
  • Consumers Want Choice, Relevant Content And A Simple To Use E-Commerce Store
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    Time, Resources And Costs
  • Many Smaller Businesses Do Not Have The Budget Or Resources To Maintain A Store
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    Return On Investments
  • Thousands Can Be Spent Building An E-Commerce Store & Learning New Online Skills
  • Empowering A Nation

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    A Nation Of Shopkeepers

  • Sell As An Individual Or Business Account
  • Full Websites Automatically Network Link
  • Simple To Add A Store To Existing Websites
  • Join Forces With Associated Suppliers
  • Link With Your Own Business Suppliers
  • Support Local Businesses In Your Area

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    Unbelievable Powerful Solutions

  • Embrace The Power Of ShopSmart ™
  • Sell Industry Products In Our Store
  • Every Associated Category Available
  • Supplier Specific Custom Brand Pages
  • Bolt On E-Commerce Store Available
  • No Limits On Network Linking
  • Empowering Every British Retailer

  • Powered By ShopSmart ™
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    Boost Your Profits & Open Up New Revenue Streams By Linking To Our Powerful Sites

    Many businesses will already have existing websites that they are happy with but would like an e-commerce store as they too have the capability to link and support British businesses. Sow we have created a solution!
    Powered By ShopSmart ™ is here for you. Managed from our account home, you can simply embed a shop into a new page in your existing website. With our full functionality, your website visitors can now shop with you.

    The Ultimate Solution - Powered By ShopSmart ™

    ShopSmart Website ™ rewrites the rules of e-commerce, empowering any business to sell online, with the full support of our unique systems. Our unique solution utilises our full search engine knowledge and ability to gain high organic search engine rankings to attract high quality users. We have built all the standard features that you would expect in an e-commerce store and some new ones! Super Supplier © - Powered By ShopSmart ™ allows suppliers & businesses to network link their products, enabling them to share their product listings to any retailer or website in the U.K. The order can be directed to the supplier or retailer. The phenomenal power that Super Supplier © brings to ShopSmart can solve multiple problems that business may face. Suppliers can share their products, stocking levels and prices to multiple customers thus removing the need for individual retailers to update and constantly duplicate product listings. This allows suppliers to support their retailer network not only saving time and expense, but also instantly being able to place new products into the marketplace and their retailer network quickly from one central account. We have also enabled Super Supplier © to allow businesses to link together, supporting each other in multiple ways. Super Supplier © allows products to be shared in two ways, either display only where the selling website receives and processes the order or deal direct where the supplier receives and processes the order from the displaying website. The permutations of this capability are huge! Associated businesses can link to boost sales from each other's customers i.e., a local Fruit & Veg Delivery Business links with a local Butcher to display their products on their website, providing enhanced marketing for the Fruit & Veg Business which in turn opens up their products to people buying meat and generates the Butchers additional revenue for generating deal direct orders for the linked business, while providing their own customers with additional relevant products. There are no limits to the potential associated links! The Butcher could also link to BBQ suppliers, Recipe Suppliers, Cooking Lessons, Cutlery & Knife Suppliers or just to other local businesses near them! With the fantastic network reach our systems have, businesses can now connect throughout the U.K. to expand their products into new market places! From John O'Groats to Lands End, there are no limits as to where your products could be seen! Simply invite, link & open up new markets.
    An e-commerce store Powered by ShopSmart ™ with Super Supplier © capabilities, empowers any British business to open up new revenue streams, support local & national businesses online.
    We Are A Nation Of Shopkeepers & We Are Stronger Together!

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    Fully Managed From Account Home
  • Simple To Manage, All In One Place
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    Own Online Shops In Multiple Sites
  • Maximum Exposure On Our Supporting Sites
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    Full E-Commerce Websites Available
  • Stores Are Available For Any Industry
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    High Quality Adverts
  • Images, Videos, Increased Revenue
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    Happy With Your Existing Website?
  • Many Good Websites That Could Add A Shop
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    Instant Plug In Online Shop
  • Powered By ShopSmart ™ Is Ideal For You
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    Simple To Link - Super Supplier ©
  • Connect With Multiple Businesses
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    Manage Your Connections
  • Easy To Link To New Businesses
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    Instantly Display Your Products
  • Expand Your Reach Throughout The U.K.
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    One Central Listing, Shared U.K. Wide
  • Link To Customers, New Businesses, New Locations
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    Empowering Any U.K. Business
  • Support Your Retailers, Create New Links
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    ShopSmart - Shop Local - Support Thousands Of Small & Medium Businesses - Empowering The Nation

    We understand the combined strength of Great British businesses. An individual small business may appear minor, but they are the backbone of this great nation. Often pushed out of sight online or missed down a side road on the high street, we see their strength and it is phenomenal. These businesses could be dismissed as they only receive a few online customers, but we see power, we see a network of high-quality customers who want to shopsmart and shop local to support these businesses. The combined volume and strength of user visits to individual websites outstrips any top position in search engine results. Let us look at an example with one type of business, in one single area, Great British pubs in Cumbria - a community hub and tourist attractions throughout this great county. With an estimated 769 establishments and considering a few assumptions, each has a website receiving just a couple of hundred users each month. Individually, one pub receiving just 200 online visitors does not sound a lot, but add ShopSmart ™ and combined, you have a potential audience of over 153,800 users per month! A network of local businesses, each with the capability not only to promote & sell their own / supplier products online, but associated industry and tourism items.

    By Network Linking, Businesses Can Promote Each Other & Support The Local Economy & Jobs In Their Community.

    Network Support

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    Powered By ShopSmart ™

    Each of our supporting parent websites contain a full e-commerce store powered by ShopSmart ™ Any relevant product that is listed in ShopSmart Website ™ or independant business website will automatically be listed to provide additional support for our network. E-Commerce categories are selected based upon relevance to the site to ensure that we place your products infront of relevant high quality users. Our unique systems ensure that your products recieve maximum exposure.

    ShopSmart Website ™

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