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Is your organic traffic being diverted?

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01 Aug

Understanding the World Wide Web

Ever since the World Wide Web was invented in 1989 it gave millions of businesses the oppourtunity to gain extra customers by being found online, but this has quickly become conjested as thousands upon thousands of businesses published websites. Thousands of new sites are launched every single day and it is the search engine providers who make the guidelines as to which site appears in their rankings. Many of their principals and rules keep us safe from harmful websites, fraudsters and the dark side of the web.

02 Aug

So what is Autoyelling? How can it effect your business and why you might be concerned.

Autoyelling is the practise of allowing search engines to index pages that are titled or contain the content of a specific businesses details. If you are aware of where your business appears online then in the odd occassion autoyelling can potentially help, but more often than not we see the situation where this is used to drive additional traffic to a specific website, which may be offering advertising services or generating revenue for the domain owner by publishing adverts. The practise may initially seem harmless but in the case of smaller businesses, if the domain that lists the details, whether that be a directory listing or review or blog or business listing, is a dominant domain, it can out rank your own existing website. This could then divert traffic from your own website which will not help build your own domains strength and trust ratings. The practise could be used for businesses who adopt a 'pay per view' strategy or provide you with statistics of how advertisng with them could help your business, when in reality it could be traffic that you would have received anyway. Most websites are designed to appear in search engine results so it would possibly be fair to assume that the developers of these sites are aware of the policies with regards to whether a page is allowed to be indexed and shown in search engine results and also the options to be indexed but not shown. We beleive that it is imperative for any business to check their own results in search engine results to ensure that any results are not adversely effected and they are not being mislead with any advertising that they are doing by potentially be presented with 'high traffic' figures because of this practise.

3 Aug

By understanding how search engines work and reading our guides on Boogled, Cramazoned and Greeday, you will see how our solutions have been specifically built to benefit your business.

British businesses online presence can be effected by any or all of the four points in our buzzwords guide. All of these factors will have an effect on a businesses ability to be found online and generate the sales for it's goods and services. We recommend that you read all of our four guides to give you the knowledge and understanding as to why we have spent thousands of hours in research and development to produce the solutions that we have. Every business that joins our network automatically has access to all of our solutions. Each of our parent websites has been designed to support businesses in their own unique ways, while proving a cost effect solution to eradicate huge percentage charges per sale or high annual subscription fees, while opening up new business avenues and a supporting network that places your business in the driving seat.

We can provide full business websites or business account options to help promote your products & services and gain the internet reach that your business deserves.

A 'Perfect Storm' of situations that though no individual factors fault, is effecting many U.K. businesses online presence

With knowledge comes understanding. We quickly learned what we could and importantly could not achieve. There are factors out of our control that were preventing us from achieving the required solution unless we had combined strength. So we set our goal, provide a solution to support to as many small & meduim sized business in the U.K. as we could. Starting from scratch, leaving no stone unturned, we have created The Ultimate Solution

If you are not appearing, want to rank higher or would like more traffic to your website, we can help! Our solutions are here to generate you more business and increased sales