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01 Aug

Understanding the World Wide Web

Ever since the World Wide Web was invented in 1989 it gave millions of businesses the opportunity to gain extra customers by being found online, but this has quickly become congested as thousands upon thousands of businesses published websites. Thousands of new sites are launched every single day and it is the search engine providers who make the guidelines as to which site appears in their rankings. Many of their principals and rules keep us safe from harmful websites, fraudsters and the dark side of the web.

02 Aug

What is Cramazoned and how can it effect your business?

Cramazoned is an effect that prevents many British businesses from appearing highly in organic search engine results because of the dominance of domain names. Search engine providers provide their users with relevant results and they use various algorithms to determine which websites rank for specific search terms. There are various factors that they consider as to which site appears top of the results and for the purpose of explanation, we are going to use good old Great British jam to show how many businesses get pushed down the rankings despite being 100% relevant to a user search. Credit should also be shown where it is due! Well done Waterhouse Fayre! clearly a Great British jam that is sandwiched between several dominant domains while representing the cream of Great British jam makers! But where are the rest? Our guides will show you why some businesses appear and more importantly why they do not. Cramazoned is simply the situation of being pushed out of the organic results by more dominant domains who take most of the traffic. This can leave businesses struggling to gain online sales or being forced into a situation that there are also being affected by greeday, which will add significant costs to their businesses.

3 Aug

How does a search engine work?

Most people could explain what a search engine does, but here we take it back to basics to where we started our research. Fundamentally a search engine is a computer with pre-programmed instructions on which results to display given any user inputted search. The computer is often referred to as a 'robot' and the instructions are called 'algorithms'. Websites are submitted to the search engine robot and are subsequently 'crawled' by what are known as 'bots' to keep copies of website pages ready to display to users searching.
All quite logical, simple to understand, results are displayed in pages of 10 and are relevant to the user search. So, the next logical question was what are the 'rules'? Where is the list of algorithms to comply with? Despite our searching we were unable to find a 'list' - we found snippets here, theories there but no list of what we were required to comply with. With all the research we had completed, we knew that a website must have good content, of a good standard, relevant content and these principals were implemented.
But despite all this work, the compliance with everything we had researched and read, we were not achieving the desired ranking in some area's that we expected to. With no definitive list of the algorithms that search engine providers use, we started to look at why we did not appear. The first step was to combine what we already knew, i.e., 'results being fed by a sequence of algorithms, the logic would be that these are formulated by a human and the implemented by the 'robot' to return relevant websites', with new research into how we as individuals searched for products, articles, local businesses or services. The results returned fundamental issues that affect many websites through no fault of their own. By applying logical principals, following all the guidance and the requirements to rank highly in organic results, it unfortunately becomes a simple catch 22 situation with various factors such as domain dominance, trust, user interaction effecting the ability for a website to achieve natural high organic ranking.

A 'Perfect Storm' of situations that though no individual factors fault, is affecting many U.K. businesses online presence

With knowledge comes understanding. We quickly learned what we could and importantly could not achieve. There are factors out of our control that were preventing us from achieving the required solution unless we had combined strength. So, we set our goal, provide a solution to support to as many small & medium sized businesses in the U.K. as we could. Starting from scratch, leaving no stone unturned, we have created The Ultimate Solution

If you are not appearing, want to rank higher or would like more traffic to your website, we can help! Our solutions are here to generate you more business and increased sales