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Is your website being affected?

Follow Our Step-By-Step Guide - Stage 2 of 4 - The Issues

Search Engines Are Robots, They Are Not Mind Readers

Do not expect to appear for search results when you have not given the robot exact instructions. There is a set order to a page and the robot only knows what you tell it. Although it is a robot, it is not 'stupid', so no tricks, your content must be relevant, unique, informative and valuable to the searcher.

How Is Your Website Appearing To Search Engines?

A fundamental error with a lot of websites is what you are allowing to be indexed by search engines. If your website is not set up correctly you will be harming your own chances of appearing in search results. Your website must have the correct structure and format for search engines to understand you.

What Can Stop Your Website Appearing?

Even if you have checked every point on your website there are a lot of factors that are out of your control because of issues such as human search techniques, your location, domain dominance, market saturation, website quality and the way search engines function. We have a solution to get you found online.

Lesson 3 - Why Are You Not Found?

a) Human Search Techniques, firstly we must look at how we as individuals search for what we want. We type briefly unless it is a specific product or service that we want, thus we have created a hierarchy of search terms, a pecking order. See our examples below.
Top Level - Cars; Secondary Level - Used Cars; Third Level - Used Cars For Sale; Forth Level - Used Cars For Sale In Ripon
b) Users search in a variety of ways thus creating variations and an endless list of search terms that can all be associated with the same product or service. Do not assume that just because you would search in a specific way, your customers will do the same. See our examples below.
Variations & Trends; Used Cars Near Me, Who Sells Cars In Ripon, Used Car Dealers Ripon, Tow Vehicles For Sale Ripon.
c) Search results will be return based upon the user search location. Searching for Used Cars while you are in Carlisle will generate a different set of results than if you conduct the same search while in Ripon. Search engines endeavour to provide relevant results based upon the user geo location. To gain additional business you need to ensure that your website has the capability to expand its location reach into areas where you would like to be found.
Your website needs to have 'strength' and several other factors to reach further afield than your current location.
d) User search results are returned in pages of 10. Statistics show that we as users rarely go a couple of pages into the returned search results thus if you are appearing on page 2 and below, it is unlikely that you will be receiving traffic for the search terms that you want. This could be because of several reasons, i.e., market saturation, domain dominance, autoyeld or because your website is not giving the correct instructions and user experience that search engines seek to rank you higher. Often it is a combination of all factors that suppress a website.
With search results limited to 10 positions per page, websites can enter a simple catch 22 situation whereas they do not appear on page 1 then they do not receive a vital component to rank any higher than their current position.
e) Associated products and services are often an area that is neglected because the website owner is focused upon their main core business yet missing out on high quality user searches. Continuing with the above 'car dealer' example, a logical example of this would be a user searching for car finance, often a service that would be offered but missed as the sole focus has been placed upon 'car' rather than gaining valuable extra business from high quality user searches that are clearly expressing an interest in purchasing.
With search results becoming saturated, it is important to be found for relevant associated search terms.
f) Your website could just be being pushed out of the rankings because of a combination of some or all the factors; Website Structure, Search Result Limitations, Geo Location Data, Domain Trust, Relevance, Content, Autoyeld, Cramazoned & Market Saturation. In addition to this is the factor of time and the sheer volume of new websites launched every day, a critical component to any websites chance of generating users and achieving the desired results.
Just a few combinations of the above effects are enough to cause your site not to be found by users who want to find you.

What Are The Solutions?

We understand that your products and services need to be found, we understand how to expand your reach, we understand why most businesses fail to appear in search results. So, it was a simple decision, build the best solution to support any business!
And what a product it is! Over 15,000 hours of research and development to create.........

A 'Perfect Storm' of situations that though no individual factors fault, is affecting many U.K. businesses online presence

Our research shows that it is often the simple fact that websites individually are not strong enough to achieve the businesses expectations and high organic ranking. As a smaller website we often see one or several required components missing to achieve the required search engine metrics to warrant a page one position. Knowledge is power, but strength is numbers and joining forces to achieve a common goal to help every business involved.

If you are not appearing, want to rank higher or would like more traffic to your website, we can help! Our solutions are here to generate you more business and increased sales