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Is your website being affected?

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We know why websites do not show and what creates a 'Perfect Storm' of events to stop you being found online

There are seven main issues that cause this phenomenon. A website that is affected by a single or a combination of multiple points can cause a site to be boogled.
1) A website is not giving the correct set of instructions to search engine crawl bots. Once initially set up it requires minimal ongoing maintenance. Only a brief level of knowledge is required to monitor and make any adjustments on an ongoing basis.
2) If a website cannot get into the top pages of results, it will not achieve the required measurements that search engines use to make it move any higher. This leaves the site in a catch 22 situation while being always close but not achieving the required traffic to push the sites relevance into the main user used search engine results pages.
3) Websites can be limited by a business's location making it exceedingly difficult to expand a business's reach further than its surrounding areas and existing customer base even though their products or services could be offered to a wider audience.
4) Sites can be affected by autoyelling which diverts traffic away from the owner's domain to another or is pushed down in the results due to location data. This places the site back into the catch 22 situation of not receiving enough traffic to become a dominant site or a situation where you can support your competitors unwittingly.
5) Cramazoned effects many sites offering products or services for sale because smaller businesses are pushed down the rankings by dominant domains. Often individual websites cannot compete with the level of users that these sites receive thus again, pushing the site out of the required searches that would generate revenue and into a situation where greeday can have a significant cost implication to the business.
6) Domain dominance and trust is an issue that many new and smaller sites cannot compete with. There are certain metrics that are used to help search engines determine a ranking position and the effects of time, relevance, users and interaction are a significant indicator as to where a site will be positioned in the search results. This often leads to sites being placed back into the catch 22 situation as failing on the volume of users can keep the site from being able to increase the measurements for organic ranking.
7) Knowledge & Time. For many small and medium sized businesses this is a critical point. Focused upon the day-to-day activities can leave little time to begin learning new skills and add 'internet expert' to their work hat. With all the existing time constraints and long working hours that many people put in, to extend the day with the added pressure of setting up or improving a website is simply out of the realms of reality. Websites need to be 'active', in our experience the more refreshing of products, updates on new products available, keep users interested and actively promote a site to search engines. The reality is that most small businesses either do not have enough product range or continuous updates to satisfy the requirements for higher ranking.

So, what have we done to help solve these issues and help any U.K. based business in any industry sector achieve a greater internet presence?

We Are Stronger Together & Our Unique Network Supporting Parent Websites, Give You The Strength To Be Found Online

Network Linked Independent Websites For Any Industry Sector

Because we have spent over 15,000 hours on research and development, we can produce a fully functional independent website for a multitude of business sectors. With a choice of designs and the integration of our custom admin control panel we can link any business into our parent site support network.

Independent Website Standard Features

a) With so many websites competing for position 1 in a search engine results, we know that smaller independent websites can be pushed out for several reasons. So, every website that we produce links and is supported by our network linking parent websites as seen below, with the added benefit of access to each parent sites unique features.
All links are automatic, and self-managed within our unique independent website administrator control panel.
b) Every website has its own S.E.O. set up to comply with search engine guidelines. Each site comes as SSL Secure and with an admin email address. Support is provided for guidance on how to use readily available analytics, webmaster and location enhancing tools.
Each site is structured in the correct format to focus upon the products and services that you offer.
c) Individually designed home page and custom designed unique pages are readily available
Each site can be set up quickly and portray the image that is right for your business.
d) Every website has access to common features such as 'About Us', 'Events', 'Contact Us', 'Online E-Commerce Store', 'Social Media Links' and optional 'Near Us' page sets. While automatically benefitting from any further admin features, we see that the network needs.
Our custom CMS build management allows us to quickly set up your website with all the standard functionality you need.
e) Our Unique E-Commerce online store functionality allows you to share your product listings and link with associated businesses to boost your sales or as a supplier, remove the need for your individual customers to add your products and provide your retailers with instant online product ranges to display on their website, throughout the U.K.
Our custom CMS build management allows us to quickly set up your website with all the standard functionality you need.
f) Every website is automatically linked to our central database to provide support for your business, gaining additional marketing from Business Link Website - our unique online business directory; Strength & Support for your e-commerce store from Shop Smart Website and it's unique abilities; Additional exposure in our industry specific websites for leisure, tourism and the motor trade, provided by Caravans Website, Used Cars For Sale Website and Tow Cars Website; Further local and national exposure with our unique Near Us business support network.

The scope of our solutions empowers businesses to be found online, eradicating the storm and letting the sunshine through!

All our research shows that while many individual websites are well presented, they fail to meet the criteria to rank highly in organic results. This can simply be because they are new or because there are only 10 positions on page one of search results and the market is already saturated. One of the key indicators for ranking is volume of users and this leaves many smaller websites in a catch 22 situation where they are unable individually to raise their ranking because they do not appear on the main search engine traffic pages. Our unique network helps businesses based upon their individuality irrelevant of age or any other of the factors that may currently restrict them. By empowering the strength of many and focusing that power to support us all, we can achieve impossible, unimaginable results.

Every U.K. business has the right to be found.
Every U.K. business deserves to be treated equally.
Every U.K. business should be encouraged to expand their reach and client base.
Every U.K. business wants to be found by U.K. searchers!